From Bali dreams – to a printed sample of my first book

I am writing. I am writing a novel.

I have decided to go to Bali in week seven 2018 and participate in a writing course conducted by Heidi Korsgaard. This was not an easy decision. But after having attended a meeting (2 hours in Aarhus 150 kilometers from my home in the south of Denmark) I had no doubts.
First of all РI have met Heidi a couple of times before,  participating in a Writing Class lasting two days in Copenhagen. I bought her new book with the absolute promising title: Six Stars Рhow to write a bestseller!
I have been studying this book off and on since autumn 2015. Heidi is also offering writing cafes where upcoming authors show up, and she will be commenting and correcting one page of your manuscript.
These evenings as well you will be sharing what you are working on, and it gives you an enormous insight of the many different angles people posess , having decided to live through a writing project.

First of all you will meet all the insecurities that the writers sit with. The obstacles from being a young mother with a very tiny budget to beeing an experienced scientist or a senior citizen who wants to communicate life long experiences.

My project is in many ways quite simple. I want to write a novel of “girl meets boy” they fall in love, and have to get to know each other on a deeper level. The circumstances are kind of global although they origin from two neighbor countries in Europe.

But I have never written a novel before. I have written two books on ear training (solfeggio), a lot of reports and letters throughout my life. And I have kept a diary.  In many situations, where life has put me to the edge of an important and life changing situation, the process of writing turned out to be not only comforting, but also an opening of my mind, to take a stand and work towards it.

Yes I have written music. I am a trained composer. I started as a singer-song writer. I composed for the rock band, for big bands and during my years in LA, I learned have to write symphonic music. That was in the eighties, and it was on score paper and then later copying the parts in hand with an ink pen. Life has certainly changed!

When I was seventeen, I promised myself to live a life, so there would be something to write about, when I get old. I am reaching that point very securely. Slowly, because I still play saxophone, I perform with different people at different occasions. I conduct a choir, and it is my tenth year with the excellent singers in Round about Vocals. I still teach German in the 9th and the 10th grade. I have 2 daughters, I am a grand mother and I live in an old house and run an Airbnb during the summer.

Can you see the obstacles?

I can, and I need to take decisions and create space and time for writing…

So in week seven in 2018 I will be prepared for spending my time ONLY editing my manuscript. And I will be like “almost finished” when I put myself on a long travel to reach Denpasar. A flight that will last for more than 20 hours…


Hanne Romer – t b c

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